Jul 13, 2016

Can Social Media Help Generate More Leads for Solar Products?

Are there really business opportunities through social media? Do you find yourself asking this question everyday?

Social media can help double your marketing leads through different platforms such as google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Many businesses consider social media as one way of generating leads by simply listening to your audience. Through social listening, you are more likely to know more about your prospects.

But how can social media help add more leads to your business if you’re promoting solar products? Australia has one of the most homes with panels. More and more businesses with roof panels are starting to show up. If you’re unsure about where and how to focus your efforts to meet your lead generation goals, here are 5 ways to use social media to generate more leads for your solar products.

  • Interact with your audience through different social media platforms. If you’re looking to generate leads successfully, you have to go where your customers are. Social media platforms such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are excellent places to do this. However, don’t just focus on these platforms. There are other social media platforms such as, Tumblr, Pinterest and Youtube for you to reach out to your audience. Everybody is now making use of different platforms to connect with friends and find out what’s hot and what’s new in the market.

Here are some examples of solar companies who utilizes social media as their marketing strategy to help promote and generate more leads for their business.

#1: SolarCity


#2: SunRun Solar



  • Profile your targeted audience. Create your own marketing list. Research for their information. Pull out potential leads out of what happened on your social media sites and have someone research for their information such as email addresses.

  • Strengthen your ties and build long lasting relationship with your target audience. Send out emails to prospects who inquire and would like to learn more about your solar products  through social media sites. Educate and influence them. And explain the benefits and affordability of your solar products. Keep in touch and follow up with them to figure out potential customers and help leverage your leads.

  • Spread the word through blogging. Another way to reach your target audience and eventually turn them into leads is by creating articles about your product. As well as posting and promoting solar products on all social media platforms where people can inquire about your product. This will help brand awareness which will soon convince prospects to consider and eventually buy solar products for their business. Share testimonials from previous and current clients on social media and let prospects know more about you by acting like an expert on how you brand your product.

  • Reach out to target audience by means of calling. Filter those who inquire through chat support. As well as those who expressed their interest through Facebook, sent direct message through Twitter and other  and and follow up on them through phone calls. This is the fastest way to interact with prospect and generate more leads since you’re going to inform them the benefits of your product before other brands can influence their decision.

Social media can help advertise products and grow leads. It will also help brand you as an expert on solar industry. When done correctly, you can use FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other ways mentioned above to generate more leads for your business. It’s cost effective and it produces results.

Change the way your business use social media to add more revenue for your solar products.

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